Webinar Recordings

There are lots of reasons why the behaviour of children and young people on the spectrum might appear inappropriate or be challenging.
If you would like to gain a better understanding and build your knowledge of how to support your child on these occasions then do watch our four recorded webinars which will consider the impact of the following areas on behaviour:
  1. Anxiety and Stress
  2. Friendships and Social Communication
  3. Sensory needs including interoception and alexithymia
  4. Transitions and change
Here you will learn why your child may be displaying this behaviour. You will also gain an insight into how to support positive behaviour, effective communication and how to manage these behaviours.

Each recording is £20

and Stress
Friendships and
Social Communication
Sensory needs including
interoception and alexithymia
and change
These webinars will be available to purchase from 1st April 2021
A link to the webinar will be emailed to the address on your Paypal account. If it doesn’t appear in your inbox within 48 hours please check your junk folder. Please note the webinars are password protected, this expires after 7 days.